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Looking for Japanese players?

If you are a volleyball coach outside of Japan looking for international (Japanese) players to join your team, we are the ones to contact.  We work primarily with coaches in the United States looking for a potential high school players to recruit as a part of your team. 

We have database of for those who are interested in playing volleyball abroad in any levels ranging from high school students to professional level players.  We are here to match your needs and make your recruiting experience easier!


Fill in the form below and simply send a request.  


We can't wait to connect with you to grow volleyball worldwide! 

How it works:

1) You contact us with your information and we try to find you a team to join
2) If we find a team for you, we will inform you
3) You make a payment for the contact support package (5900 yen), from this link above
4) We will send you a contact information of a team manager
5) You can decide on which day you join a practice


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Are you a volleyball player

traveling to Japan?

We know we are a good four years away from the #2020 TOKYO Olympics, but if you happen to: 


1. be someone who cannot wait and already have a plan to come to Japan, 

2. be someone who plays volleyball and always wanted to play abroad, 

3. and have stumbled onto our website by chance...


Pack a pair of your favorite volleyball shoes with you and get on a flight here!

We will arrange for you to play on a Japanese team for a couple days or week and make friends through socializing and experiencing Japanese nightlife. 


You don't speak the language?

No worries!  Once you're on the court and the moment you hit a volleyball with us, you will learn how much faster than expected the language barrier goes away. 


You are not a pro volleyball player?

Nothing to worry about! 😀  WE have lots of teams available for you to play. 


Professional players?

Welcome!  With our great volleyball network, we will help you try-out our pro league and semi- pro league as well. 


Fill in the form below and send me a request!  We will see what we can do for you! 


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We are currently receiving numerous inquiries, and won't be able to match all of the requests.  If you have your play video, send it to us, as it helps us identify your level and find you a team.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Minami from the United States



Being able to travel to Japan and to play for a team in Japan was amazing. I will never forget that moment.

I went on the court and I felt loved. I felt like it was my home already. In fact I got to learn something practicing with them. I will always keep in touch with everyone and hopefully get to come back to japan and practice with them. 

(Played in Tokyo & Hokkaido, July 2018)

Ronald from Singapore



Travelling to Japan for holiday and to be able to experience how their court culture are like is really amazing. Warm welcomes, humble advice and genuine support. Friendship and memories were forged and they will be hard to forget. Got to experience both their cultural and competitive ground. One will learn a lot from these experiences, be it in or off-court. Really grateful for this opportunity to be able to play a sport that I love in foreign ground!

  (Played in Tokyo & Osaka, September 2017)


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